Toong-Tong Brand

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Toong-Tong Brand

Golden Dried Longan : The precious wisdom of Ban San Pa Hiang, passed down from generation to generation

金色龙眼干:Ban San Pa Hiang的珍贵智慧,与代相传。


Golden Dried Longan : Longan is full of legends known for generations,The origin of the longan's past is that the longan is growing, resulting in oversupply and low prices. Therefore, the Ban San Pa Hiang community has begun to delve into and correct it for more than 10 years. Until the Longan Processing Group, the Toong-tong brand community team found a way to make detailed golden longan at each step. In the process of longan baking, use longan wood as a fuel for baking to provide a unique aroma,More importantly, it also requires the expertise of the oven observer, and it is necessary to wait until all the longanes are completely golden. So far, the Toong-Tong brand golden longan has become more common than the souvenirs from Lamphun. But it is also a gift born from the transfer of precious wisdom. The spiritual path of Ban San Pa is in your hands, whether it’s your loved one or a lover.. Make sure you don’t forget


金色龙眼干龙眼充满了几代人闻名的传奇故事,龙眼过去的起源是龙眼不断增长,造成供过于求和价格低廉,因此,Ban San Pa Hiang社区已经开始钻研和纠正它超过10年了……直到龙眼干加工集团,金袋品牌社区团队“金袋牌”(Thung Thong),发现了在每一步制作细致的金色龙眼肉的方法,在龙眼烘烤过程中,使用龙眼木作为烘烤的燃料,以提供独特的香气,更重要的是,它还需要烤箱观察者的专业知识,需要等到所有的龙眼彻底成金黄色,到目前为止,金袋子品牌金色龙眼干变得比来自南奔的纪念品更为常见,但也是一种由珍贵智慧转移而诞生的礼物,Ban San Pa Hiang的精神之路,就在您手中 无论是自己的亲人还是买给爱人.. 保证您不会忘记


How to eat :

食用方法 : 

Eat as a snack / as a drink / for cooking, for example, soup

作为零食吃 / 作为饮品 / 用于烹饪,比如,汤


Describe how to store longan :

介绍如何储存龙眼干 :

It should be stored at a low temperature in order to prevent the golden color of the longan from becoming a lighter color, but if the color changes, it still eats normally.


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